Disclaimer: It’s not possible to know with certainty who are the top dark money donors, owing to the lack of transparency in dark money transactions. Instead, we have chosen to compile a list of six people who play influential roles in the world of dark money.
Rebecca Lambe
political viewpoint:
Since 2015, Rebecca Lambe has been a governing officer of Majority Forward, the top-spending liberal dark money group in the 2016 election cycle.   Before joining the organization, Lambe worked for Senate Majority PAC, a super PAC focused on helping Democrats win U.S. Senate seats.   Lambe had spent five years working for Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada), becoming his chief political strategist and campaign manager in 2010 and helping him win re-election.   Reid has called Lambe “a genius,” and political operatives in the state have credited her with overhauling Nevada’s Democratic party, increasing voter registration, and helping Democratic candidates win local races.
associated groups:
Majority Forward is affiliated with Senate Majority PAC. On its website, Majority Forward says it works with the super PAC to “elect candidates whose policies represent the goals of the majority of Americans.”
involvement in federal and state elections:
Majority Forward spent just over $10 million supporting Democratic U.S. Senate candidates. By comparison, the National Rifle Association, the top-spending conservative group, spent over $33 million to elect Republicans to Congress and the White House.
more key players